Of the ten years I have been in this profession, half has been spent in technical centres and small companies dedicated to big makes.

I have worked both as a designer and modeller 3D. For the rest of the time I have been freelance with various offices here and in Europe and Asia. It was in Asia that I developed, strongly, as a stylist helping in all kinds of projects. This period was tempestuous due to travelling time and the intensity of the work itself.

I have been living in Sitges (Barcelona) for 5 years and working alternatively with different companies. My vision of what design is has been clear for several years. The process revolves around strict time periods, more so than in other professions, due to the existing budgets.

Creativity knows no boundaries and it is international as we all know due to the means of expression are involved.

It is complex keeping up to date and improving are complex. Therefore design teams invest incredible sums of money in the products they launch. So, the rule that a leader company must invest in I+D.

The proliferation of products in a same sector is achieved through the design itself, using it as a tool which differentiates and gives a corporative image and “symbolism”.

The combination of art and industry besides the mix of these with different cultures and countries connect the technique with very difficult surroundings in something difficult to follow and theirs the situation of certain similar industries.

This site is a sample of what I have done as industrial design centers designer or Freelance. I think that the designer keep away from the waves of this industry and concentrated keeping an optimistic, aptitude as told me one day "design is the same than happy things, enjoy the life".

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